Block Production

Sofos Network is a candidate block producer on the Telos Blockchain Network, built on enterprise class infrastructure comprising of primary and secondary block producer, peer-to-peer and API nodes that exceed in specification to that of the minimum infrastructure requirements for a Block Producer node in accordance with the terms & conditions set in the Telos Blockchain Network Operators Agreement (TBNOA). 


In partnership with Octagon Professionals, Sofos Network provides a commercial channel for customization, packaging, branding, training and support of new products and services by Octagon’s product managers for industry adoption in the European Union and economically affiliated countries.


Sofos Network is on the lookout for bright minds and future industry leaders to  guide them on their path to higher education for the betterment of their local communities and humanity in general.


Sofos Network is working with a number of science and technology educational institutions to fund and manage application development programs in the fields of cyber security, token economics and borderless data management. Announcements will follow once relationships are formalized.